Please read below some our most frequently asked questions from potential clients.

If you have any other questions that you do not see listed below please contact us at info@valenciawdesigns.com

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What is the design process?

You will first pay for your design.

You will receive an email from us in less than 24 hours with a questionnaire regarding your design and the information that will be needed.

You will receive your designs the due date with a review of your revision process a week before your project is due, we will finalize by you choosing the best option that works for you. If you have any additional revisions that may prolong your due date.

After you have chosen your final design we will send everything right over to you! All designs will be sent BY or BEFORE 5pm CST standard.


I want to work with you, but can't find what I'm looking for.

We can still help you! Just send us a email by clicking here!


How many revisions will I get?

Once a design draft is presented, you will have client a specified number of days to provide your feedback. Once all  comments, ideas and questions are consolidated and we provide a new version, that's the end of that round of revision.

Additional fees will be applied based off your revision type.

This does NOT include website designs

Any revisions are your first FREE round of revisions will begin at $40.

Do you accept google images for logos?

No, we don't not use any google images because they are copyrighted and only focus on text based logos for right now.


Do you create cartoon logos?

No we do not create cartoon logos under any circumstances. Click here to see what

we view as cartoon logos.


Why does some projects take longer time?

At Valencia W Designs we love to research your gather data in order to give you the timeless brand that you deserve! It will be worth the wait.


What programs do you use?

Photoshop, Acrobat, Premiere Pro


How do I edit my social media templates?

Through editing programs similar or like canva and photoshop express. Your social media

templates will be sent as SVG formats for editing.


Where will I receive my designs?

Your designs will be sent via email as well as any other additional information you may need.


I need my design sooner, what should I do?

We are currently not taking any rush orders.

You will be assigned a deadline date for your project, it will not change under any circumstances, in the case it does you will be notified!

How can I keep in contact regarding my project?

Unless a call is set up, all communication is done via email. We sent out emails concerning any project changes, updates, and etc. We advise all clients to keep a eye out on their email during the design process.


What is your turnaround time?

Our turnaround time varies for each project, some may be longer than others.


Does my designs get printed?

Due to COVID-19 we are not taking any printing orders.


What type of files will I receive?

PNG, PDF, and JPG which will be vectorized and a transparent copy as well.


I'm not interested anymore! How can I get a refund?

You are free to cancel your project at any time if need be.

If your project has already been COMPLETED no refund will be given.

If your project hasn't started, you will only receive 50% of your money back.

If you purchase a SALE or BRAND DEAL, please note ALL SALES ARE FINAL and no refunds are issued.

Please note we have many projects coming in and by a project being refunded if it isn't started has taken away the space for another client.

If you have purchased the WRONG ITEM/ ITEM NOT NEEDED ANYMORE you will only be refunded 50% of your purchase back, we encourage all customers to book a consultation if you have questions or are unsure about a service.

Can I swamp out a design from my current package?

No, we do not complete any substitutions under any circumstances.

I have a design I seen online or one of yours, can you make it for me?

Although we receive many inspirational/sample designs from our client base, pleased note we do NOT replicate any of our designs that we have created with past clients. All of our logos are 100% custom & to fit every brand we work with. We honor and value every customer's  input we have interacted with but we will not duplicate any logo design  we have created nor any other designer has created outside of us.