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  • For a limited time only I’m offering beauty brands
    So I’m offering a template for start up beauty brands

    Premade Logo design, business card design, and two social media templates for $30

    During and before this quarantine you’ve been ready to branch out & begin start your dream business of being a makeup artist, lash technician, esthetician’s or anything else beauty related.

    Let me help QUICK LAUNCH your business today!

    Now is the TIME because you have the TIME!
    Commit to me & I’ll Commit to you!

    You will receive a logo design, business card, brand board , & two social media templates all for $30!
    Yepppppp. Only $30!

    Beauty Quick Launch

    • Downloadable Templates

      Can Be Edited Through Photoshop, Canva or Similar Programs

      All Templates Emailed

      List of Printing Services Provided

      Turn around time will be sent via email

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    Make monthly or weekly payments on your project, without waiting on the design! 

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